Values & Intentions

We Value:

People, natural beauty, natural WoNDeR. The environment. Animals. Wildlife. Indigenous cultures, eco-friendly ways of doing things. Clean travel. Pesticide-free food. Organic farming, that is non GMO. Independent, locally owned businesses. Handmade things. Bare feet in the sand. Waterfalls. The Caribbean Sea. Standing in the presence of an elephant. Sunshine. Ancient wisdom. Natural and unprocessed ways of life. Patience. Appreciation. Gratitude. Respect. Justice. Fairness. Health. Wellness. Vitality. Positivity. Sharing. Kindness. Compassion. And experiencing the natural world with each of our five senses.


Our Intentions Are:

– To provide you with opportunities to have incredible, life enhancing travel experiences

– To provide you with all of the information, organization, coordination, and planning you need

– To provide opportunities to connect with like-minded people and the natural world

– To support (financially and otherwise) people, orgs and businesses working toward the health, wellness and sustainability of life on our planet

– To increase global awareness about environmental issues and to aid in the movement toward environmental sustainability

– To have F u N. To enjoy the thrill and exhilaration that comes with international travel. To support kind, caring, good-hearted people. And to experience the natural beauty of this planet.