About EcoVerde

EcoVerde’s mission is to provide you with opportunities to experience some of the most incredible places on this planet while simultaneously contributing to the health, wellness, vitality, and restoration of the planet.

We help you experience exotic places and benefit the global environment and the local people and communities who live in these places.

How do we do this?

We support local independent businesses, and more specifically, those that take extra steps to be eco-friendly and eco-aware. We support green transportation, restaurants that serve local and organic food, and organizations that operate in ways that support local the environment, wildlife and culture.

We scour the areas we visit to find people and organizations in those places that operate in alignment with our missions and values. When we find them, we develop relationships with the people involved, and then we include their services into our trips. This leads to authentic travel experiences for our guests and support for a cleaner, healthier world.

Three other ways we support the restoration of the planet are:

  • We increase awareness through talking to local people about environmental issues wherever we go. We request eco-friendly services and support those that already exist. This increases the demand and sends the message that these issues are important and can lead to financial return.
  • We purchase a TERRAPASS for each person who travels with us on any trip. This means we pay to have the carbon footprint related to international air travel OFFSET. Learn about how this works HERE.
  • We give a portion of our profits to orgs that work on the ground in the places that we visit. You can learn about who we support HERE.

We love this planet, and we want to be able to live in it, appreciate it, and explore it for eons to come. We strive to keep learning about ways we can improve and better serve our planet and our clients. If you have any ideas, please let us know! We welcome feedback.