Tropical Paradise…. For some unfounded reason, it took me a while to realize that Hawaii is incredible. In fact… It’s mind-blowingly beautiful! It’s far, it’s still in the US (but barely, and in many ways, it doesn’t feel like it), and yes, it can be expensive – but even with each of these things… it’s […]

Thoughts on Hawaii I never had much of a desire to explore Hawaii because I thought it was expensive, “Americanized”, and touristy. I don’t know what I was thinking, because Hawaii is nothing short of stunningly, jaw-droppingly… beautiful. If you can get off the main tourist tracks and into the local spots, the eco-experiences that […]

Santa Barbara is a fabulous place to pass through. The architecture, natural surroundings, and diverse local people are heartbreakingly beautiful, in a happy, positive, and inspiring kind of way. It is the quintessential beach town, plus more. Natural beauty, open space, super cool and interesting laid-back locals, unique boutique shopping, and the best, in terms […]

Before I left for an extended weekend in Portland, I could feel myself ramping up. I needed a break from work (and the daily grind) a while ago, which is why I booked this trip. BUT, I’d been working solidly since then. I had actually pushed through the (perceived) need to take a break. Now […]

Sometimes, when I’m traveling, I feel overwhelmed with the amazingness I am seeing and experiencing. Sometimes it actually hurts. And being in Portland right now is one of those times. I am overwhelmed with awesomeness. In every sense! Literally. Sensorily. It doesn’t make sense. Beauty is beauty. Good is GOOD – right? Portland is so […]

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