Organizational Friends

The Elephant Nature Park. They are a major source of inspiration for all we do here. Lek Chailert, the founder, is a woman who is dedicated to not only providing a sanctuary for injured and abused elephants, but she is also an environmental activist. Lek works tirelessly to provide a better quality of life for all living creatures.

SEE the Wild. This org is dedicated to helping eco-conscious travelers connect with eco-friendly tour operators. They take the extra steps necessary to ensure that the information they share with the public is legitimate and up to date, thus increasing the efficacy and legitimacy of the field.

TerraPass. This is an org that provides ways to offset carbon emissions from plane, train, and automobile travel. Each time you travel with EcoVerde, a carbon offset for your international air travel is included with the trip price. TerraPass is the organization that provides our credits.

Friends in Thailand

The BEAM School. This school provides free education for Burmese migrant high school students who want to go to college. The BEAM School provides a way for these students to prepare for college entrance exams so they can go to college and greatly expand their life opportunities.

Diana Edelman. Diana is a friend and a fabulous, inspiring ex-pat from the US who lives in Chiang Mai. She is a travel writer and blogger who also works directly with The Elephant Nature Park, and she is involved with many projects related to responsible tourism. Her website is filled with travel stories and practical information for travel in Thailand and throughout the rest of the world.

The Elephant Nature Park….. of course (see above)

Namo Yoga. Namo Yoga studio in Chiang Mai offers a variety of classes with fabulous teachers, as well as massage therapy and massage classes. A great place to practice while in town.

Pun Pun. Pun Pun is an organic farm, seed saving operation, and sustainable living and learning center. They are increasing awareness about environmental issues in Chiang Mai and helping people learn how to make a positive difference in their own lives and in their communities.

The Thai Freedom House. This is a nonprofit community arts and language learning center dedicated to helping refugees from Burma and members of Thai minority groups in the Chiang Mai Area. The founder, Lisa, has created a beautiful and safe space for children of all ages, and the difference that this org makes in the lives of these young people is truly astounding.

Wild Rose Yoga. This beautiful studio, founded by Rosemary Bolivar, is a sanctuary for yogis in Chiang Mai. This studio provides regular classes and workshops led by truly inspiring teachers.

Friends in Tulum

Flora, Fauna y Cultura. This org works to conserve and protect the environment and culture of the Yucatan Peninsula. They operate a sea turtle conservation program and train at-risk youth to patrol beaches and protect turtle eggs so that they can qualify for jobs in conservation instead of taking to the streets, among many other projects.

SUP Yoga Tulum. Founded by Nancy Kyd, SUP Yoga Tulum provides opportunities for amazing floating yoga experiences in stunning locations. Nancy takes great care of her guests, ensuring everyone is safe and feels comfortable during these out-of-the-box yoga experiences. Sometimes she even includes fresh pressed organic juices in SUP packages. 🙂

Tara Mullarkey. Tara is a friend, a yoga teacher, and a coach who inspires many to pursue their dreams by connecting with work they love and making a positive difference in the world. She works from Tulum with clients all over the world, teaches yoga in the community, and volunteers her time to help homeless animals.

Tierra de Animales. This is a rescue org dedicated to helping the very large homeless dog population in the Cancun area (Tulum included). Tierra provides medical attention, love, care, and spay and neuter services for dogs who would otherwise live very difficult lives on the streets.

Yoga Dicha. This studio has a special place in my heart because it served as my home studio when I spent a month in Tulum, recovering from my own burnout. Richelle Morgan, founder, teacher, and owner, has created a beautiful space to practice yoga, connect with like-minded yogis, and connect with the larger community. Richelle is also a huge dog lover and an avid supporter of Tierra de Animales.