We believe that the average person is upset by environmental issues and WANTS a clean and healthy environment.

People understand the concept of voting with dollars, but it isn’t always EASY to figure out who to support while traveling, and quite often, people don’t have the time to research extensively beforehand.

We believe that we can experience the best world has to offer in ways that actually contribute to the health, wellness, and restoration of our planet. 

We also believe that when people have awesome travel experiences, they feel inspired and share this positivity.

We exist to find and fund those who are doing good in our world and to share the incredible places, people and things that we find with you.

Through our work, we raise awareness and increase the demand for eco-friendly practices.

We find that people who travel with us feel more connected to our planet, each other, and the places we visit. Our travelers often have extra-gratifying travel experiences. This is directly intertwined with our mission because happy and inspired people are needed to restore our world.

Whether you travel with us or learn about eco-friendly travel through our blog, we help you vote with your dollars. This makes a positive difference on a global scale and helps you connect with authentic and meaningful travel experiences.